Lesson 09: En mi cuarto. Parts of a house


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Hola, y bienvenidos a una nueva lección de Hey Que tal? Lecciones de español gratuitas. Mi nombre es Pablo Apiolazza y hoy estamos un poco vagos asi que nos vamos a quedar en casa.
Hi, and welcome to a new lesson of Hey Que tal? Free spanish lessons. My name is Pablo Apiolazza and today we´re a little bit lazy so we´re going to stay home.
On this episode we´re going to learn the parts of a house or an appartment. The term home is translated as hogar, but when we go home, in Argentina we always say vamos a casa, either we live on a house or a building.
The first thing we do when we get home is to open the door. Door is puerta.
We open the door is
Abrimos la puerta.
If we live on a building (edificio) then we have to take the stairs or the elevator.
To go up the stairs is subir las escaleras.
To go up with the elevator is subir con el ascensor.
Once we get to our floor, in spanish piso, we walk thru a corridor, pasillo, to get to our appartment, departamento.
Once inside, we might go to the kitchen, cocina. to make ourselves a coffe, café. Then maybe we go to the living room, which in spanish is also living, and we watch some tv. But first, a quick shower in the bathroom (baño).
When dinner´s ready, we eat at the dining room, comedor. And when it´s time for bed, we go to our bedroom, cuarto. Maybe if we have a balcony (balcón) we can watch the stars for a while.
Let´s say everything together in spanish, assuming that we live on an appartment.
Cuando llego a casa abro la puerta.Adentro, tomo el ascensor hasta el quinto piso. Cuando bajo del ascensor, camino por el pasillo hasta mi departamento. Allí voy a la cocina y me hago un café. Después voy al living, y miro un rato la televisión, pero antes me doy una ducha en el baño.
Cuando la cena esta lista, como en el comedor. Y cuando es hora de dormir, voy a mi cuarto, y desde el balcón miro las estrellas, antes de irme a dormir.
When I get home I open the door, Once inside, I take the elevator to the 5th floor. When I get off the elevator, I walk thru the corridor until my appartment. There I go to the kitchen and I make myself a coffee. After that I go to the living, and I watch some tv, but before I take a shower at the bathroom. When the dinner´s ready, I eat at the dining room. And when it´s time to sleep, I go to my room, and from the balcony I watch the stars before I go to sleep.
All the rooms in the house are called cuartos, besides the bedroom. Cuarto is the same as room. To say bedroom, we can also say dormitorio, as in dorm, but we don´t really use that word, but plain room, or my room.
Well, this is pretty much all for today. Don´t forget to watch, rate and comment on the website, heyquetal.blogspot.com, our twitter account, heyquetal, our facebook group Hey Que tal? or at the email: infoheyquetal@gmail.com
My name is Pablo Apiolazza and this is Hey Que tal? Free spanish lessons.
Have a nice week, stay tuned and goodbye!

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