Graphic Notation: An Explorer's Guide // med Alwynne Pritchard, Peter Meanwell og BIT20 Ensemble


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Graphic notation breaks all perceptions of what music looks like. Instead of traditional notes, the composer translates her intentions into drawing. Why do composers write music this way, how do musicians read it, and what does it really sound like? Alwynne Pritchard, Artistic Director of BIT20 Ensemble, knows very well. She both writes this kind of music herself, and leads an ensemble which plays a lot of it. Many might feel like contemporary art music is a landscape too rocky and threatening to explore. Still, this music is the line of work and a great passion of a lot of people. Peter Meanwell is the Artistic Director of Borealis, a festival for experimental music. Listening to these musicians might very well help you take your first trying steps into the vast world of contemporary art music. BIT20 Ensemble will be performing excerpts from their concert at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf earlier this year.

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