Mimesis in crisis: Am I not human enough?


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This episode is part of the project mimesis in crisis. In the episode you will hear an excerpt from a saga and an autobiographical narrative. After hearing the episode, I appreciate you being able to conduct the following anonymous survey: https://nettskjema.no/a/150910 Under the research question What challenges, concerns, and tools require the presence of mimesis when transporting oral storytelling to digital platforms?, the project aims to create storytelling audiofiles for the medium Podcast, where the objectives is to look at what aesthetic tools are needed to create a holistic artistic oral storytelling experience when the listener is not present in time and space. This is an artistic research project in which the process from planning to implementation is developed and explored through a method-developing practice aimed at a digital medium. The audiofiles will be planned and implemented, organized and disseminated through Podcast where the storyteller's aesthetic tools are re-articulated and tested through a medium that is not the oral storyteller’s daily working platform. In the project I am collaborating with British Paula Crutchlow. The project is supported by Federation for European storytelling.

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