Episode 10 - Empowering the Creators of Scarce Digital Assets with Mintbase


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In Episode 10 of the Ethereal Podcast, DeFi Dad interviews the CoFounders of Mintbase, Nate Geier and Carolin Wend.
Mintbase is an NFT factory for the new virtual economy. One can mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using Mintbase, which represent scarce digital goods like artwork. Artists using Mintbase, especially in virtual NFT worlds like Cryptovoxels, can issue traceable, limited edition digital art, as well as other items such as tickets for virtual events. While DeFi has been at the forefront of attention in Ethereum, few understand how much growth NFTs are seeing on Ethereum. For example, SuperRare, a leading digital art marketplace, started in 2020 with $344,000 in platform sales volume which has quadrupled to over $1.6m according to Messari Crypto.
In this episode, we discuss how Mintbase empowers creators in new digital and virtual worlds, including arts, gaming, photography, and virtual event tickets, especially since the start of the quarantine.
To learn more about Mintbase visit mintbase.io. You can follow @mintbase on Twitter for updates.
Ask questions in the Mintbase Discord channel: https://discord.com/invite/89cSHH7
Follow Nate Geier, CEO and CoFounder on Twitter at @NateGeier as well as CoFounder and Head of Business Development, Carolin Wend at @CarolinWend.

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