2P’s Episode 57 - After a break... We chat new 40k, Warcry, Dune and more


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Hail Mighty Listeners!!

Sorry about the little break, but life has been in the way!

Welcome back to Episode 57, we have a chat about the new 40k and our experiences and opinions about the releases so far.

Nine inch Dan joins us to chat about a recent 1k AOS tournament that we attended.

We also chat Warcry, pontificate on the new Dune film and get excited about Claymore Castings.

We hope you enjoy the episode,

Be excellent to each other.

Grab some refreshments,

Its the 2Ps


  • 00:02:51 - ON THE HOBBY DESK - Ben continues with his vast Spacewolf batch paint, while Dan smashes out the Warcry scenery
  • 00:39:55 - GALAXY OF WAR - We discuss all the new releases, and our experiences of the new edition
  • 01:24:48 - INTO THE MORTAL REALMS - Tournaments, warcry and Slaanesh
  • 01:54:36 - HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY - We shout out some of the artists and work that has caught our eye over the last few weeks.
  • 02:17:00 - INTO THE WILDS - Action figures, Dune, Heroquest and more


As always https://www.bensound.com/ for the fantastic intro "epic"

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