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did you miss us dear listener? in this episode we go through the amazing possibilities that is 3D printing, who is it for? What is it for? Who can do it? Me? YOU!? Joining us is the excellent Ivan drago of swedish heresy Bjoern (i-must break-you) and the magnificent magos of magnamity, Pontus! The answer, dear petitioner of hobby, lies within the data crafted binary code entailed herein. All you need is to sit down, plug in and hobby. time stamp; 00;00 intro 00:21 Main segment with our magnificent guest 01:39 outro with our great hosts Files Free files, sometimes very slow and a crappy search engine. Has both free files and files that cost money. Has both free files and files that cost money. Searchengine, has no files but can be usefull Havent used these but I think they are popular There is also a bunch of Patreons that do files. Be carefull for some of them are trying to make a quick buck and have realy low quality stuff (message me if you arent certain). My two favorite ones are The Makers Cult who does alot of high quality files, almost exclusively for 30/40k. They have a few projects running with loads of units available. Examples are the feudal guard, thunder warriors and dark mechanicum. The other one is Duncan Shadow Louca. His stuff is excellent most of the time but maybe not all good for 30/40k. Ive got a bunch of Nurgly demon files that are excellent. Printers Buy your printer either from a domestic mailorder company so that you can enjoy warranty laws etc. Amazon should also be okay because they have customer care and you can get refunds if something goes bad. There are many brands of printers and models with new stuff coming out continously. Look on youtube for reviews and read articles. Resin printers Anycubic Photon (and Photon S) Elegoo Mars (and Pro) Phrozen Sonic Mini Epax Filament printers Ender 3 (and pro) Prusa i3 MK3 Resin and FEP I buy all my resin from Amazon. Prices are okay and shipping is usualy spot on (compared to china). I also buy FEP from Amazon as it needs to be changed every now and then.

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