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We all deserve to feel comfortable in our own skin, what can you do to help yourself if you don’t feel that way now? Host Brooke Collins has practical, actionable tips to help you do just that with her 21-Day Confidence Challenge.

After struggling with her weight and comparing herself to the pin-thin models of the 90’s as a young girl, Brooke suffered with self-esteem and body confidence issues into adulthood. Brooke shares some of the feelings that she had to overcome, mistakes she made seeking love and affirmation in the wrong places, and the active steps she took to begin to feel differently about her body.

In this episode, Brooke shares ways to think about yourself differently, the power of reframing your self image with affirmations, and encourages you to celebrate your body for the amazing things it does for you!


“It’s really a game of finding what beauty looks like for you, and understanding when and how you feel beautiful.” 4:05-4:12

“Becoming confident in your own skin is a journey that will make you feel stronger. It's a personal development ride.” 9:02-9:20


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IG: @innovativecoachbrooke

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Join the 21 day challenge: https://app.monstercampaigns.com/c/lclojjwhfcmyh6anyddp/

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