Podcast 3 - Duchess Kate is chatted up by a 90-year-old Holocaust Survivor.


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Some content may be distressing. This January the 27th Kate and William commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day and with Kate participating in a You Tube video with survivors Zigi Shipper and Manfred Goldberg who the Duke and Duchess had previously met at Stutthof in 2017. Kate also chatted with youth ambassadors from the Holocaust Educational Trust.
In the video, Zigi can be heard turning on his charm as he flirts with Kate, talking about the last time that he met her and William back in 2017, saying: “you know I didn’t need your husband there, you were all I wanted”. How sweet is that?

Manfred and Zigi retold their stories of survival to Kate and for us all to hear. These stories were told with dignity and in calm voices, which when you hear what they had to go through speaks to the strength of their characters.

During the video, Kate also speaks with Farah Ali and Maxwell Horner, who are youth ambassadors for the Holocaust Educational Trust's Outreach Programme and who work to educate younger generations about the impact of the Holocaust. The program links youth with Holocaust survivors with the aim of keeping the stories of these survivors alive in future generations.
This was a surprisingly uplifting video albeit on a very serious issue.

Keep listening out for future podcasts about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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