Ep 7: Making Sounds During Sex to enhance your sexuality and intimacy


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Ep 7: Ruan Willow shares relationship advice for enhancing your love life. Making sounds during sex will enhance your sexual experience. Moaning, groaning, expressing yourself to let your partner know what you like and don't like is your way of communicating live with your partner during your lovemaking, allowing him or her to make immediate adjustments to what they are doing, or to continue on the same path. Love and romance are heightened when you make sounds during lovemaking, so don't be silent, let your partner know your feelings by expressing yourself verbally. Love your partner, love your intimacy by making those sounds of pleasure. Take my advice for couples, whether you are married or just dating, let your partner know how you really feel by letting out those sounds. Enhance your sexual health and deepen your intimate relations and belt out those sounds, iterate those whispers, and focus on words you both are good with, whether that be dirty talk or sweet talk. Hear Ruan's favorite sounds and sex tips for making your sex life the best it can be.

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