Author Conversation : John Lugo-Trebble Short Story writer


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Author Conversation : John Lugo-Trebble Short story writer

Talking about writing his latest story Sing! - Now available on the

Summary about Sing

Music is the universal language. It not only connects people but memories, places and can travel through time.

“Sing!” follows the journey of Benny Goodman’s Sing (with a Swing) record from the early 80’s in The Bronx to London in the 90’s and Cornwall in the 10’s.

Starting with the death of a neighbour, the record helps connect two grieving characters who share the loss of a man they knew two sides of. Moving onto London, the record provides the soundtrack of heartbreak and confusion as a woman tries to come to terms with an unknown future. In Cornwall, it comes full circle with a couple who are giving their love a second chance and are looking to the future under the shadow of the past.

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