Wentz Wins the Wentz Trade, the Urgency to Get a QB Now | NFL Deep Dive


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This past week brought an end to the long-running saga of the Carson Wentz trade, as the Eagles finally agreed to send him to what might have been the only suitor: Indianapolis. Jenny and Gary discuss whether the Wentz-Frank Reich marriage will work in Indy, and more than that, why the Colts ultimately had to act with urgency to get the QB.

Right now, the QB market is thinning out for teams who don't have a top-10 pick, as the Colts got their guy but the Patriots, Football Team and Bears, among others, are still looking for answers that might not be there. How a thin veteran market, and a projected weak group of QBs for 2022, is putting some teams in a bind. And why it makes it even more obvious that the Texans will have to give in to Deshaun Watson's trade demand sooner rather than later.

Plus, Michael Fabiano stops by for the weekly SI Fantasy segment.


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