Faye Miah: Overcoming Common Teletherapy Obstacles, Growing Up In Vietnam, & Hearing A Child's First Words


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In this episode of all about kids, Zach talks with Faye Miah, a speech-language pathologist whose path to helping kids is both unusual and inspiring. A native of Vietnam, she was first exposed to the world of speech rehabilitation through annual visits to her hometown by Operation Smile, an international nonprofit that provides a range of surgeries and complimentary services for people in developing countries with cleft palate and other orthodontic challenges. She saw first-hand the impacts of enabling communication, which set her on a course to acquire her specialty. Since graduating from Washington State University, she has not only evolved as a speech therapist, she has also developed unique digital materials to support her work remotely.

Zach and Faye discuss her pediatric practice, the transformational impacts of her experience working with adult head and neck cancer patients, tools and tips to help both practitioners and parents adapt to pandemic challenges. As an added bonus, Faye shares a bit about how she has managed to balance her professional persona as a speech therapist with her persona as a beauty and lifestyle “influencer” with substantial social media followings on YouTube and Instagram. This is a woman with smarts, heart, and a fascinating story.

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Follow Faye (YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0nVUIDiLcDf00lijNqswEQ

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