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Alex here with an exciting announcement!

RQ network is a podcast network by podcasters for podcasters. We will start by championing the greatest in audio drama podcasting. Beginning with FIVE exciting shows you can listen to right now on

Not to fear we will still be producing plenty of new Rusty Quill Original Podcasts.

Join us in welcoming:

Cryptids Written by Alexander V Thompson and produced by Wild Obscura, Devin Shepherd, Gabriel Rosenstein and Nora Unkel. Directed by Devin Shepherd.

The Deca Tapes Written and Directed by Lex Noteboom.

How it Ends Written and Directed by Micah Rodriguez and Stephanie Resendes.

Old Gods of Appalachia Produced by DeepNerd Media. Written and Directed by Steve Shell and Cam Collins.

The Storage Papers Produced by Grinner Media. Written and Performed by Jeremy Enfinger.

Announcement Transcript:

You can listen to these shows wherever you get you podcasts or on

For more info on these new shows visit:

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