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After over 25 years in the game, Mogwai are a band that should need no introduction. Yet, perhaps because of their primarily instrumental nature, the Scottish post-rock band only recently received their first chart-topping album with 2021’s 'As the Love Continues.' Hitting No. 1 in the UK Albums Chart this past February, the record builds upon the emotively expansive world-constructing sound they’ve become masters of.

For Live on KEXP, Troy Nelson takes us through a brief history of the band and shares snippets of DJ Morgan’s interview with Stuart Braithwaite about the lockdown-made record before the band plays a kaleidoscopic four-song set.

Recorded 03/03/2021.

  1. Ceiling Granny
  2. Dry Fantasy
  3. Ritchie Sacramento
  4. How To Be A Werewolf

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