Ep 4 - Dagestan Davie and the Hurricane-Rana


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This week the boys talk about all the latest from Football, Pro Wrestling, Boxing, MMA and more including:

  • Hollywood Harvey movie life update
  • Paul and Lisa do Edinburgh (Lisa didn't like the soup)
  • Mick rediscoverd pubs
  • Harvey breaks down the latest football news around Europe and talks about the Scotland squad going in to Euro 2020
  • We breakdown Lewis Hamiltons attempt at bringing a Fast and Furious scene to life in the latest from the F1
  • Paul talks all things AEW - latest matches and new signings
    • Brings us the news of the latest wrestlers to be released from WWE
    • He then takes us down memory lane all the way back to the classic decade that was 80's wrestling.
  • Mick recaps the latest MMA and Boxing fights including UFC Fight Night 189 and Mayweather vs Logan Paul.
    • Then breaks down UFC 263, Bellator 260
    • Talks about the MMA debut of the talented Boxer Claressa Shields
    • He also talks about Alistair Overeem leaving the UFC to return to his roots in Kickboxing after signing with Glory.

Feel free to join in with the conversation and message us on our socials if you have any feedback, questions or talking point suggestions.

Now sit back, relax and prepare to have your Tattie Mashed!

(Jingles written and performed by Big Papa Jamie Watson)

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