Episode 108- Panicking With Jorja Hudson


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We are joined by comedian and actor Jorja Hudson! Jorja has wrote and directed a recent short film called Withdrawls and a hit anxiety series on TikTok. We talk to Jorja about how she handles her anxiety and has kept together her mental health during the pandemic. We also talk about Steven's and Andrew's anxiety of the week including the anxiety of eating by yourself at a restaurant, what's better for mental health - airBnB or a hotel, anxiety about not exercising enough, and not being able to sleep. Plus they get into a listener submitted anxiety topic of being discouraged by other people's success, not comparing yourself to others, and social anxiety from the reopening! the anxiety of starting standup comedy online, and much more! Check us out on instagram: www.instagram.com/panicattackingpodcast and twitter www.twitter.com/podpanicattack, and youtube.com/c/panicattacking and check out Jorja Hudson on TikTok @tiktokanxiouscutie and instagram @jorjasmic, her short film Withdrawals and more info is available on her website http://www.jorjahudsonportfolio.com/

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