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The triumphant return of Roxanna Angles to a co-captain's chair! We catch up with Roxanna to see what she's been up to during her hiatus, catch up on our weeks, and talk about a zine from Wendy Gunderson (IG filmroadtrip , ). Next, we announce changes to the podcast and have listener interactions on the topic of our photographic legacy from Mario Piper (IG mariopiper , IG genxphotogpod , Flickr mario piper) from the Gen-X Photography Podcast and Mike Williams (IG mike_on_film ). Also, a call in camera review from Bill Smith (IG wbsmith200 , IG classiccamerarevival , ) from the Classic Camera Revival Podcast about the Nikon F2. Next, we have an interview from Roxanna with Jessica Dunston (IG fbvisualss , ). She talks about how she got into film, favorite camera, dream camera, favorite part of the process, models, dream shooting location/camera/film, inspirations, blunders, favorite photos, and advice for new film shooters. See Roxanna's blog post with Jessica at . Last is a listener music track from Matt Bump (IG mattbump ) from his band Valleyhill with a song called "Fences".

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