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What are you doing to stand out amongst the throngs of photographers in your market? A strong, distinct brand position is a great place to start.

In episode 501 of the Bokeh Podcast, Nadine Nasby of Nadine Nasby Photography joins us to refine her brand position as a senior and wedding photographer. Nadine has extensive experience in documentary photography and would love to incorporate more of that style into her brand. Listen in to hear the recommendations and ideas that will help her stand out from her competition!

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Definition of a Brand Positioning Statement: (3:45)

A unique value proposition (UVP) that sets your business apart from the competition in your market.

Benefits of a Clear and Distinct Brand Position: (4:15)

A. Enables Potential Clients to Immediately Know Your UVP

B. Filters Irrelevant Potential Clients

C. Simplifies/Focuses Marketing Efforts

D. Encourages Better Time Management

Based in: Orlando, FL (7:30)

Focused on: Documentary wedding photography and HS Senior photography (16:30)

What Nadine is looking to accomplish with a revised brand position (34:30)

Nadine's Competition Analysis (40:20)

Nathan’s Suggestions (50:00)

1. Include more of Nadine's past work on her website

2. Focus on one type of photography, or build a second brand for senior photography

3. Work with a designer to create a website that builds the brand

Potential Brand Position: "Orlando's documentary photographer"





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