How to Automate Your Facebook Ads and Google Shopping


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In our latest podcast, we talk to Ricardo Lasa, CEO of and an automated Google Shopping and Facebook Ads guru.

Kliken provides automated Facebook Ads and Google Shopping from your Ecwid Control Panel.

Ricardo shares what's coming for Google Shopping and Facebook Ads, and how you can get ready for the future now.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Why a multi-platform (and multi-Google) presence is needed.
  • Insights from analysis of multi-platform data gathering.
  • How Kliken streamlines onboarding and adds content creation, and ongoing maintenance for a complete ad campaign.
  • Using AI for driving decision-making on pricing, inventory, and bundling.
  • Using AI for improving suggestive selling at checkout.
  • Building organic presence on multiple sites.
  • New ways to think about product placement and promotion.
  • Testing ad campaigns with simulations.
  • How AI can improve your merchandising and logistics.
  • What a one-click campaign is.
  • How to optimize ad budget based on AI analysis.
  • Kliken's integration with Google My Business tools.

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