The App That Hacks Your Health


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Daniel is the founder of Lumen, a pocket-size device that measures metabolism in a single breath and provides personalized food, lifestyle, and health recommendations.

The company got its start after raising over $1m on Indiegogo and then later another $7m from investors. So what is it exactly and what are the benefits to the Lumen product? What once took hours to measure, and a team of nutritionists and scientists to analyze, can now be done in less than three minutes.

Imagine hacking your metabolism in real time and finding out whether you are burning fats or carbs and what you can do do about it. He is well-known for being an experienced entrepreneur and angel investor, as prior to founding Lumen, Daniel was CEO and co-founder of Wibiya, and after Conduit purchased the company in 2011, he served as Vice President of Product. Prior to founding Wibiya, Tal co-founded Joongel Group, a company that provides simple search solutions in relevant categories based on a user's geographic location.

Daniel is also a member of the Zell Alumni Board of Directors and mentors current students in the program. So where do the ideas come from to launch so many start-ups, and how does he remain focused against simply jumping on the next thing. And what was the hardest part of getting Lumen off the ground? Finding the idea or convincing others that it was a winner. Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Daniel Tal.

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