EP 203 - A Rant on Unprofessional Author Behavior


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Mark shares a rant about a particular thing he noticed continues to happen related to authors looking for promotional opportunities.

Prior to the main content, Mark talks about how this episode was born from content originally sent to patrons of the podcast who responded to his slightly rawer rant on the same topic. For that special episode, he merely turned on the microphone and just let it out.

But a number of patrons commented about that rant, suggesting that it would be beneficial to the larger author community to be aware of an author action that can really set off retailers, distributors, and other industry people.

Mark reads off the names of the current patrons, thanking them for their support, and for bringing this episode to all listeners.

This episode is sponsored by the patrons of the Stark Reflections podcast.

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Within the main content, or rant, for this episode, Mark talks about all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into finding promotional space for indie authors on the majority of the larger retail platforms outside of Amazon, and the thoughtless way that some authors treat all this hard work.

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