Photo Geek Weekly Episode 156 – What You Need, and What You Don’t


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On this episode of Photo Geek Weekly, Martin Bailey joins the conversation around patents, pro-level resolution, the ethics of licensing photojournalism images and what some might consider a dream job in Iceland for a month. All this and more, thanks for listening! Story 1: Canon patent application shows shutter-like barrier mechanism for protecting mirrorless image sensors (via DPReview) Story 2: Metadata from Olympic photographer’s photos suggests the EOS R3 will have a 24MP sensor (via DPReview) Story 3: Woman Upset Photo of Her Mourning Mother Sold on Getty Images (via PetaPixel) Story 4: This Iceland Hotel Is Offering One Traveler a Month-long Stay If They Can Photograph the Northern Lights (via Travel & Leisure) Picks of the Week: Don: Moment Macro 10x Lens Martin: MBP Fine Art Border Tools - and you can read more about it here. Connect with Our Hosts & Guests

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