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Much has been said about the pros and cons of being a parent during the pandemic. For musicians like Shovels & Rope’s Cary Anne Hearst and Michael Trent, not being able to be on the road has allowed them an amount of time with their children that they haven’t previously been afforded, but also left them without an income to support them. Perhaps that’s why their latest volume of the Busted Jukebox series they started in 2015, titled 'Busted Juicebox Vol. 3,' leans heavily into lullabies and kid-friendly tunes featuring contributions from artists like Sharon Van Etten, The War and Treaty, and the Secret Sisters. The duo break down how the pandemic affected their lives and creative process in the latest episode of Live on KEXP.

Recorded 05/05/2021.

  1. Domino

  2. Bleed Me

  3. Johnny 99

  4. Mississippi Nuthin’

  5. Hail Hail

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