#56 How NOT To Start A Damn Brewery the book (feat. Kelly KMF Meyer)


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In this awesome episode, we meet and talk to Author, Brewery Owner, and Dave’s good friend, Kelley Meyer! Find his book on Amazon, learn from his mistakes, “must read for anyone looking to open a damn brewery,” and get a laugh out of his misery so you don’t have to!
Listen to the podcast, How NOT To Start A Damn Brewery, where Kelly autopsies dead breweries, talks with distributors, retailers, and even other industry business owners! Whilst his book was to learn from his mistakes, the podcast is expanding that scope to the mistakes of everyone he brings on his show.
Sit down with us and learn something you didn’t know, like, he owns New Braunfels Brewing Company, he created PKL FKR(pickle f-er), or what he really feels about your homebrewed beer. Thank you for the continued support to our listeners and fans! #SupportLocal

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