List-o-mania, Lisztomania, and List of Manias


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Annie and Hajin listlessly list lists, some of which include Liszt.

Franz Liszt playing the piano Timothee Chalamet playing the piano The AOC dance scandal Hogzilla, Big Bill, and Curly Boy What do Joan of Arc, Tim Tebow, and Nicole Kidman have in common? Spelling kebob with a q Plutomania: fringe Pluto community? Reminding the audience, once again, that Hajin took Latin in high school The flashmob culture of the 2010s Wrestlemania > Lisztomania What do you Nelson Mandela, Joan of Arc, and Nicole Kidman have in common? Women b shopping!!!

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Hosted by Annie Rauwerda & Hajin Yoo

Produced by Seth Gliksman

Music by Kyle Imperatore

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