Radio Pyongyang (Mandarin Service): April 25, 1999


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Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Andy Wang, who shares the following recording and notes:

DPRK's international radio service was named "Radio Pyongyang" until year 2002. Now it is called "Voice of Korea".

In Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages, there are different words to distinguish the north and south.

In English language, word "Korea" may stand for both.

I think the name "Radio Pyongyang" is clear, does not have ambiguity. The name "Voice of Korea", we cannot guess which side it is from.

The radio recording was on the Military Foundation Day in DPRK, 25 April 1999. Its content is the celebration of the festival.

The programmes are political promotion news, editorials, songs and music.

The distance from receiving place Shenyang to Pyongyang is about 374.3KM, to Seoul is about 565.4KM, and to Beijing is about 660.5KM.

The two distances are shorter than to China's capital, it is easier to receive the radio programmes from the Korean Peninsula, and no special equipment is required.

Sometimes in the night, in the mid wave band, the radio transmission from North Korea can "mix" with Shenyang local radio signal, unintentionally interferes the local broadcast.

Broadcaster: Radio Pyongyang

Date of recording: 4/25/1999

Starting time: 11:00

Frequency: 9.445 MHz

Reception location: Shenyang China

Receiver and antenna: Philips Radio Receiver and Casette Recorder AW7509 with antenna on it

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