College Football Week 1 Recap: ACC FLOPS, ND-FSU OT Thriller, Return of Fans, Week 1 Winners and Losers, Best and Worst from QB‘s, Big 12 Expansion


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In the September 7th (2021) episode of the Jack Vita Show, Jack and Andrew Stem say "welcome back" to college football! Jack provides a rundown of the week's biggest games, scores and stories, and he and Andrew dive headfirst into college football to talk the ACC's embarrassing showing in week 1, Georgia-Clemson, Notre Dame-Florida State, Wisconsin-Penn State, the most impressive and disappointing performances from start quarterbacks in week 1, the impact and importance of fans packing stadiums (and a return to normalcy), Andrew's Michigan Wolverines, Jack's Northwestern Wildcats, the Big 12 potentially adding four teams to its conference (in the wake of Oklahoma and Texas' departure), a look ahead at week 2's games, and much, much more (8:35 - END)! First, Andrew and Jack catch you up on the latest from Major League Baseball (0:00 - 8:35).

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