EP4 Arthur Vibert Creative Coach - The Flow State


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ARTHUR VIBERT - Writer and Creative Coach Recorded live on Fireside - please enjoy this edited edition. An award-winning creative in advertising, commercial direction, and video production in London, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco and taught video storytelling at Miami Ad School. Vibert says, "I’ve always drawn and written. I went to art school and spent the next 25 years working in advertising as an art director and creative director. I created the Max Headroom campaign for Coke. The original ‘Launch’ campaign for Saturn cars. Work for Levi’s, BMW, and later with Apple, Mozilla, Salesforce and more. Now I write, teach and coach." Here are some highlights of this episode. What is a Creative Director? What does "cultural fit" actually mean? Ageism starts at 40 - and almost legally. The Flow State of being a Creative. What Creatives are different people. Agencies, Egos, and why Startups ignore the customer and fail. All Bun and No Patty - the creative approach to Where's the Beef, today. www.cspotrun.com Where's the Beef commercial Fair Use Music by: Orsi Digital Post Hosted by: Wendi Cooper Edited by: C Spot Run Productions Stay Safe and Healthy wendicooper@cspotrun.com

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