EP5 Seeking a Unicorn - Infomercials & StartUps


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Edited Edition: Guest Annika Kielland Founder of LoudMouth TV, a production company that grossed millions in royalties for their work in DTC and infomercials. Direct from my home in Silicon Beach, we discuss the similarities of the start-up culture and the business model of seeking a unicorn in the infomercial and DRTV industry. For over 20 years, Annika has worked as a TV Health & Fitness Expert writing, producing, directing, and appearing in multimillion-dollar TV campaigns. In 2016 her love of teaching and desire to do more to help people opened up an entirely new direction in her life, leading her to where she is now as a Transformational Life Coach, Energy Healer, Yogi, and International Adventure Guide.


Skin in the game is nothing new, to make millions on the back end.

Structure of backend deals for really great producers.

Mentions - Inventors, Shark Tank, AJ and Kev, the original shark.

90% failure rate of infomercials/short-form DRTV, and the search for the 1:30 Unicorn.

The history of Membership subscriptions, continuity, stick rate, churn, and FREE S&H before Amazon ever existed. And so much more.

Honest, straightforward forward and entertaining.

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