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Gilmore Girls S3 E22: "Those Are Strings, Pinocchio"/Buffy S3 E22: "Graduation Day (Part 2)"
Despite their boyfriends kinda just silently walking away towards their spinoff sets, Rory and Buffy survived high school! Neither school seems so scary anymore, but they did have to blow one of them up to ensure that. Both ceremonies are threatened by tragedy, one when Lorelai faces financial ruin and has to sit next to her mother, and the other when the speaker loses the woman he's been grooming and nearly destroys the town. Luke and Wesley try to not-so-subtly ask their crushes to ask them to stick around. And as good as these episodes are, we come up with some even better endings.
Highly recommend watching these deleted scenes from this week's episode of Gilmore Girls.
Don't forget to watch this unaired clip from Jess's never-aired spinoff.
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Introduction - 0:00
Gilmore Girls S3 E22: Those are Strings, Pinocchio - 6:56
Meanwhile on Charmed - 41:48
Buffy S3 E22: Graduation Day (Part 2) - 45:38
The Winner - 1:23:40
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