Director Tyler Measom & Comedian Liz Iacuzzi : STCC Creator Ben Robert : The Week in Geek 10/03/21


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Award Winning Director Tyler Measom of "Murder Among the Mormons" & Comedian Liz Iacuzzi join the show to discuss their new podcast "Was I in a Cult" on the iHeart Radio App. A great blend of humor and horror, they share shocking and sometimes funny stories of people who have escaped cult life.
Ben Robert the creator of St Tammany Collector's Con stops by to talk about his event in Mandeville at the Castine Center on October 9th. His guest list includes, toy designers, voice actors and more, plus over 100 vendors! Get tickets here-->
Skungy's Pick of the Week is "Deathloop" and in Top Nerd News we cover Night Court revival, Chucky TV Series, and the Muppet's Haunted Mansion special.
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