Grade 5 Going Greener Solar Electricity Project


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Our Grade 5s have started a really wonderful initiative to raise funds for our "Going Greener" projects, the first of which is to install 20 kilowatts of solar electricity generation! You can help them achieve their goal by donating: 100 Watts = R3,000 500 Watts = R13,500 1000 Watts = R25,000 At several milestones along the way, the entire school will receive some really cool prizes! 4000 = Dog Ate My Homework 8000 = Civvies Day 12000 Cellphone @ School 16000 Get out of Detention and finally... 20000 Joker! Don't delay, donate today and let's reduce our reliance on Eskom while saving money too. Donate Now · See the Leadboard

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