Border-Gavaskar Special - Part 2 | Melbourne | #52


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Welcome to True Grit Down Under! This is part 2 of ThyGap's special on the legendary Border-Gavaskar series between India and Australia. Recorded way back in February, soon after the series concluded, we decided to stick it in the oven and let it marinate to perfection cos the impatient and rushed coverage elsewhere was a bit too repetitive for us (and you).
In this episode - there was disagreement on whether Rahane's century could be considered to be 'match-winning' or not? Where do you fall on that argument? The way the Indian bowling attack responded to Umesh Yadav's injury becomes another defining moment of the series for us, while the Australian team's body language in comparison is what got us curious and squint-eyed. There is Sir Jadeja's superlative contribution to the match. We finally solve the problem of DRS and Umpire's calls that plagued this match. It doesnt have to be a Schrodinger's cat situation any longer! You're welcome, Cricket.
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