265 - The Dolphin Point Experiment: LSD, Aliens, NASA, and Dolphin Sex


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Oh boy. This is an especially weird one. Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. In the summer of 1965, John C. Lilly, a medic and neuroscientist, and his assistant Margaret Howe, a young lady who just happened to live nearby, would set up a partially-flooded house on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, where Margaret would spend nearly twenty-four hours a day with a young bottlenose dolphin named Peter. Where she would have sex with this dolphin. Why? To help it learn English. Why? So that the dolphin could teach Dr. Lilly how to communicate telepathically so he could converse with aliens already controlling his life subconsciously. I told you it was weird. I laughed so much researching today's topic. Hope you find this exceptionally strange bit of history highly entertaining as well.
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