The Phantom Of The Open: An Empire Podcast London Film Festival Special


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The BFI London Film Festival is happening AS YOU READ THIS, folks. And, as proud media partners, we at Empire were delighted to present this week's gala world premiere of Craig Roberts' The Phantom Of The Open, a heartwarming and hilarious tale of Maurice Flitcroft (Mark Rylance), a keen amateur golfer who gatecrashed the British Open in 1976 with spectacular results. And we didn't want to leave it there, so in this special episode Chris Hewitt catches up on Zoom (just a few hours ahead of the premiere, in fact) with Roberts and Simon Farnaby, who adapted the screenplay from a book he co-wrote with Scott Murray, for a rip-roaring chat about golf, movies, life, Wonka, and everything else. Get in the hole! (Which is golf for 'enjoy'.)

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