From Nepal to the UK: Gen Z fights for climate education


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Are schools teaching students enough about climate change? And are they empowering them to do something about it? In PISA 2018, an average of 88% of high-school principals in 66 countries reported that climate change was covered in the school curriculum. But maybe this needs to come earlier. We hear from Shreya KC, 23, from Solukhumbu, Nepal. Shreya was a delegate at COP25 in Madrid, Spain in 2019, an organiser of the Mock Cop initiative in 2020, and is currently the National Network Coordinator for Nepalese Youth for Climate Action. Also in this podcast is Eleanor May, 18, from Ivybridge, England. Eleanor is a campaigner for the UK’s Teach the Future, a movement by secondary and tertiary education students to improve climate change education in the UK. Host: Clara Young, Producer: Taline Shahinian.

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