Building an Ed-Tech Unicorn with Vamsi Krishna, Founder, Vedantu


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During and post the pandemic, several sectors have seen a dramatic rise in customers & sales, specially the ones which were ready to embrace the new change and leverage the new opportunity of everything going online and remote.

With 2021 being the most prominent year for Indian startups achieving unicorn status, Edtech isn’t left behind.

In today’s episode we’ve brought Vamsi Krishna, CEO and Co-founder of Vedantu, India’s 5th and most recent Edtech startup to become a unicorn.

Prior to starting Vedantu, Vamsi, and his team had prior experience in offline education with their venture - Lakshya Institute. This definitely helped them with a lot of learnings and the initial groundwork for building Vedantu.

During the episode, Vamsi talks about the Vedantu’s role being an early entrant and being a category creator, how they’ve built and leveraged organic growth over the years and much more.

Notes -

02:29 - Co-founding and running Lakshya Institute for over 8 years

05:28 - Pivoting from offline to online and starting Vedantu

08:50 - Prior to scaling, first validate if the solution works

14:47 - Revenue milestones

18:49 - Conscious considerations while building new features

22:41 - 3 Verticals at Vedantu

24:10 - Focusing on Organic vs Paid Acquisition

26:22 - Importance of referrals in Edtech

30:19 - Advice to first time entrepreneurs

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