All your ears can hear - the 1975 to 1977 sound bytes


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When I was a young radio hobbyist, I taped as much as I could and as often as I could - and while I did not always have tape rolling, it was often rolling at the right time. In the 1970’s, my priority seemed to be logging stations and jotting down times and frequencies with not a lot of thought to historical content. Occasionally these little gems would appear… Like a mention of President Gerald Ford in a news clip… or some peculiar phrase unique to one era or another.
In 1975 and 1976 I was blessed to live in the country and have a decent radio (the DX150B) and 5 1/2-wave dipoles for 60, 49, 31, 25 and 19 meters… and living on the West Coast no less. And while the West Coast of North America was something of a radio fringe area, the reception possibilities for the Pacific and South Asia areas were delicious!
Anyway - here are 42 sound clips from days gone by - the PDF master list is below.
The master list of this hodgepodge - right here. And in the page below.

It’s the kitchen sink 1975 to 1977

1. Finnish Broadcasting
2. VOA English and Spanish
3. RAI Rome
4. Radio Canada
5. Voice of Vietnam
6. Radio Budapest
7. IBA Israel
8. RRI Jakarta
9. KCBS Pyongyang
10. Radio France
11. Radio Sweden
12. RNE Madrid
13. BBC WS
14. Radio Prague
15. Radio Moscow
16. SBC Berne
17. Radio New Zealand
18. ORF Austia
19. RTV Belge
20. Vatican Radio
21. DW Cologne
22. Radio Kiev
23. Surinam
24. HCJB Quito
25. TWR Bonaire
26. FEBA Seychelles
27. Radio Cairo
28. Radio Norway
29. Radio Korea
30. ABC Australia
31. Radio Nederlands
32. Radio Mexico
33. RS Tikhy Okean
34. Liberty Radio Vietnam 1975
35. Voice of the Malayan Revolution 1975
36. DXCR Mountain View College 2X Harmonic 2654
37. Uganda Radio
38. Voice of Free China
39. Uganda English Service
40. Radio Peking 1975
41. NHK Tokyo
42. RSA South Africa

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