The Art of Following Charm


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Frequently on the podcast you’ll hear Thom mention ‘charm.’ While we all have a good understanding of the word charm, in Vedic Meditation circles, charm has a special, more nuanced meaning.

For a Vedic Meditator, charm is like an inner-guidance mechanism, a gentle tug that steers you in the direction of that which is most evolutionary, not just for yourself, but for all of Nature. It’s a subtle form of intuition that feels charming to experience and charming to follow, hence the name we give to it.

In this bonus ‘charm-inducing’ episode, Thom gives us a wee taste test of his soon-to-be-released course, The Art of Following Charm, in which he explores the nature of charm, how to recognize and cultivate it, and how every decision can become a matter of effortless attraction.

Enjoy the episode and, if you feel charmed to do so, we hope you put the art of following charm into practice and join us on the course.

The Art of Following Charm Course -

Episode Highlights:

[00:46] The Direction of Evolution

[02:29] The Bija Mantra

[03:54] The Charm of Mantra

[06:11] The Desire of Our Mind to Move Towards More

[07:49] The Home of All the Laws of Nature

[09:38] Kriya - Spontaneous Right Action

[11:24] The Art of Following Charm

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The Art of Following Charm Course -

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