Gabasonic Throwback!


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It's a special Throwback Episode with our friend Gabasonic! Our dear friend is moving to Las Vegas, Nevada so we thought it would be great to revisit one of our favorite guests. So sit back and relax and let the Governator join your social distancing! ******The new trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix just dropped, and The Beta Boys react to the second onscreen appearance of the Phoenix and her friends. We don’t want to say it. But, we feel like we need to. Is the X-Men franchise dipping into lackluster DCEU territory? Listen to find out. Oh and…GABASONIC aka Gabe Ruth aka Gabe Swanson aka Gaba-daba-do…Gabe is back! Gabe sits down with the Beta Bros one more time to talk about the X-Men and Dark Phoenix, but he also shares about his new Youtube channel and his new super hero friends. All this and so much more on this week’s episode of The Beta Report.

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