Real honest life update, moving again and the ability to transform anything


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A new week and new podcast episode!
In this episode, Anette and Susanne talk about everything that has been going on in their life the past few months, and how they have been able to transform their business yet again. They talk about living more in tune with their bodies and hearts and how to get out of a toxic cycle and into a better flow. They share about their relationship and how they navigate the times when they start fighting, getting to the roots of the triggers, and actually changing them. They also reflect upon their recent life lessons, and how they now have started to see their challenges as the universe asking them to get to the next level in life. They share their process, working with energetic advisor Heath Ellis - “when you are out of alignment, your business is out of alignment”. Anette and Susanne talk about Radical Courage the Course, how and why they created it, and share a big announcement.
Thank you so much for listening to this week’s episode.
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