Crit it and Hit it 15 - The Pit


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Our intrepid adventurers leave the city and give chase after our new Villain. What will we find in the pit? Why does Drew keep introducing so many buff, handsome male NPC's?

We've edited a longer episode this week due to technical issues when recording, which otherwise would have resulted in two pretty short episodes. We'll be back to normal length next episode!

Crit it and Hit it is a DnD liveplay podcast, edited from a bi-weekly livestream. It features Daniel Taylor from @dtaylorwoodworking as Airden the elven Bloodhunter, Kerry Heron from @tabletopcrafter as Amy the human Paladin, Laura Elizabeth from @darkmoondice as Eden the elven Warlock, Aby Lucy from @trayedandtested as Anakis the tiefling Druid and all overseen by Drew Murray from @master_tier_gaming

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