#12: Trustworthy AI & Data Ethics (Eng)


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You cannot outsource Data Ethics!

For this episode I talked to Sami Laine, Competence Lead at Siili Solutions and President of DAMA Finland. Sami has both the academic background as well as the in the trenches experience in Data Governance, Data Quality, Master Data Management and working with Data Ethics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
For Sami, everybody working with data needs a basic understanding of data ethics, security, privacy, ect. This applies specifically, but not exclusively, for Data Management professionals.
Sami and I talked about the following topics:

1. To what extent is AI part of our life?

2. Which philosophical schools of thought build the basis for Data Ethics?

3. What is trust, what does trustworthiness mean, and how do you measure it?

4. Can AI have a moral compass, a way of controlling its reasoning?

5. How important is the purpose of a solution and can it be changed?

6. Is there a need for a common methodology and ways of working with AI?

7. Can and should AI be regulated?

8. Can certifications, metrics and measurements help to built trust?

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