Tech Support Radio Episode 1


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Tech Support Radio is a celebration of any and all types of breakbeat culture and bass music. TSR features the newest releases from bass music producers from all corners of the world and brings you some of best underground jungle, breaks, hip-hop, and drum & bass music around. Find out about Tech Support Recordings releases and events before they are advertised, and get involved with your local bass music scenes by becoming apart of our drum and bass network.
Tech Support Radio : Episod 1 Playlist

000:00 D-Program - All The Stars [Bass Star Records]

004:10 Mark System - Course of Action [Soul In Motion Records]

006:26 Basic Rhythm - Turning Me On (Gremlinz Remix) [Future Retro London]

008:44 Grinding - Jon Casey (feat. The Oshi) [Quality Goods Records]

011:30 Tim Reaper & Sully - Windswept [Future Retro London]

015:11 Eprom - Dangerous Sound [1985 Music]

017:43 Effin & Oddprophet - Take Away [Never Say Die Records]

019:25 Kessler - Pipe Dream [Shall Not Fade LTD]

022:30 Forward - Moresounds [Astrophonica]

025:00 Compassion - Paige Julia [Drum&BassArena]

029:20 Etherwood - Into Oblivion [Hostpital Records]

033:32 Bladerunner - Who We Are [Copyright Control]

037:49 Knowmans, Zere & Gabriel Habit - Cold Moon [FUNKLABS]

040:30 ESKR - Disruptor [Boomslang Recordings]

044:15 Stonx - Bad Robot (VIP) [Drevobos Recordings]

047:08 Noize Komplaint (feat. MC Astro) - Future Ready [Boomslang Recordings]

050:47 VMBRELLA - Ectoplasm [Boomslang Recordings]

053:01 Roommate - Judah (feat. Just Eskender Tafari) [Avocaudio]

055:40 Djunya - Eternity [AortaDub07]

058:00 D-Program - Sneakers [Tech Support Recordings]

059:41 D-Program - Sneakers (Louie Remix) [Tech Support Recordings]

101:50 Louie - Bring Me Up [Tech Support Recordings] (forthcoming)

103:59 Rido - Dark Painting [Copyright Control]

107:32 Monty & Alix Perez - Dreamer [1985 Music]

110:24 DJ Ride - Bymyown [VISION]

117:20 D-Program - Culture Shock [Tech Support Recordings]

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