448: Carving A Piece Of Marble With A Blunt Instrument


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-Joe talks about how log4j affected things like Backblaze and UniFi.

-Sam shares how his UniFi Mac mini died and forced him to review his backup process.

-Command Control Power has a new sponsor: We welcome Kolide! Visit kolide.com and honest.security to learn more.

-A classic UniFi/Sonos issue plagued Joe at a particular client.

-In Jerry’s Sonos situation, he first replaced the old Sonos Bridge products with the newer Sonos Amps.

-Jerry opens a debate about iPad vs Mac as a main workstation.

-A scary moment for Joe’s client turns into an easy win for Joe. Undo to the rescue.

-A hug thank you to our newest community members! Thank you for your contributions to the show!

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