Trina Van Pelt – Path from Lehman Brothers to GP at Intel Capital


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It is time for another episode of The Pathfinders with former NFL Player, Investor and Entrepreneur Dhani Jones and this week he speaks with General Partner of Intel Capital, Trina Van Pelt! For seventeen years, Trina has been helping Intel Capital expand and grow their diverse portfolio with her focus on late-stage equity investments across industries like intelligent edge, mobility, artificial intelligence, the internet and so much more. Also a Voting Member of Intel’s Investment Committee and Chair of Intel’s Impact Investing Initiative, she is here to discuss growth and illustrate how she is making late-stage equity deals with some of the biggest names in tech. Each episode we strive to discover the career stories and unveil the challenges, the mess-ups and the lessons learned along the journey to success. Together, Dhani and Trina touch on some of the key differences between a growth capital mindset and a venture capital mindset and a few of the surprising shifts in the world of capital investment. We get a little insight into learning about the motivation behind Intel Capital’s stated focus of investing in diverse companies and how they are using data analytics to research and evaluate growth potential in prospective investments. Hear about a myriad of their recent investment ventures, including in the global mobility sector with the electric technology of ZEEKR as well as with new technologies like 5G and Intelligence Edge. Trina will also give us some first hand knowledge and understanding about what makes a successful deal and the things that have changed in the world of dealmaking throughout her stellar career. A seriously exciting episode awaits, so get ready to explore the future of late-stage equity investments and growth with Trina and Dhani! This is the Pathfinders, a series dedicated to Dealmaker Trailblazers, brought to you by Ansarada.

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