Public Health Resources Series: Public Health Connect, with Harman Sandhu and Aditi Garg


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On this episode, Sujani sits down with Harman Sandhu and Aditi Garg from Public Health Connect (PHC). They discuss what PHC is and how it supports students and early-career professionals to succeed in the workforce.

You’ll Learn

  • What Public Health Connect (PHC) is and what problem space it focuses on
    • The history of PHC
    • What services are offered through PHC including networking events
  • What the monthly opportunities round-up posted by PHC is
    • How the team’s own experiences inform the varied opportunities the round-ups include
  • The diversity of public health opportunities that are out there
  • The current trends of public health jobs
  • Where else to find jobs for those looking to work
  • What the hidden job market is and how to tap into it
  • The benefits of networking in seeking career opportunities

Today’s Guest

Harman Sandhu is a public health policy and research professional who is currently completing a PhD at the University of Toronto. Prior to PhD studies, Harman worked in the Government of Ontario conducting race-based data analyses, disseminating research, and managing projects. He has published research on mental health stigma, smoke-free policies, and cannabis legalization. Harman co-founded Public Health Connect (or PHC) in 2020 as a volunteer-run community organization focused on supporting aspiring public health students and early-career professionals in Canada. He holds an MPH and BSc from McMaster University.

Aditi Garg is a clinical research professional and health economics and epidemiology-based PhD trainee who currently oversees smoking cessation clinical trials in the Division of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Prior to her current role, Aditi worked in both academic and professional settings in both national and global landscapes with organizations such as Swiss Paraplegic Research Institute conducting population health data analyses and managing projects in areas of chronic disease prevention and management. She has published research on disability and rehabilitation policy, global health, and smoking cessation policies. Aditi also held an executive position as the Co-Director of Research and Marketing with Public Health Connect (or PHC) in 2021 as a volunteer-run community organization focused on supporting aspiring public health students and early-career professionals in Canada. She holds a masters degree in health economics and policy and BSc from the University of Waterloo.


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