Bubba from Forest Gump Mykelti Williamson : In Honor of our New Game "TWIGO" we Flashback to Past Guests : The Week in Geek 03/06/2022


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Bubba from "Forest Gump" Mykelti Williamson joins the show to talk about his new movie "Butter". We also discuss his work with the ensemble cast on Con-Air and the one time some jackass grabbed his daughter at an airport.
In honor of our new game "TWIGO" that we played at CoastCon in Biloxi the past weekend, we flashback to some amazing past guests. We revisit Ben Barnes from The Punisher and play some of his new music, and we play a trivia game with Jane Lynch from Glee & Wreck-it Ralph.
We look back to a game of the Cartoon Bracket Challenge with the voice of Bugs Bunny & Yogi Bear Jeff Bergman. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark tells her tale of becoming an Icon, coming out, and her meeting with Sammy Davis Jr.
The one and only Bruce Campbell from the Evil Dead talks about his career and his upcoming appearance in the new Doctor Strange coming out soon. Finally we flashback to Mr. Las Vegas and Legendary Comedian George Wallace. D-Squared makes the mistake of pulling a Yo Momma joke on George....to his immediate regret.
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