AI And Copywriting - Jeff Coyle 4-15-22


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How many times have you written an email, post, or ad that you thought was absolutely brilliant and would bring you an absolute avalanche of new business, posted or emailed it and then…Crickets? The very special guest on this episode of The Sales Chalk Talk Show is Jeff Coyle, who has an artificial intelligence program that will absolutely change the game for you! And this show is particularly exciting for me because Jim Hamlin, one of my favorite co-hosts from the past, has re-joined Sales Chalk Talk. He will be co-hosting on part of the shows and my other awesome cohost, Gene McNaughton on the other shows. What you’ll hear on this podcast: • What separates good and great in marketing and sales alignment • How you should scale your content strategy • How you can incorporate AI into your marketing and sales process • Why you should focus on topics rather than keywords • And MUCH, MUCH More! Come listen in as Jim and I talk with this brilliant marketing strategist. You can visit Jeff’s website at If you’re in the Lubbock, Texas, area, and you want to live in total comfort in your home or office, no matter what the weather is like outside, call Jim at (205) 999-1402. If you’d like to take advantage of more resources to help you dramatically increase your sales and revenue, go to Join the Red Cap Sales VIP private Facebook Group. It’s FREE, and it’s packed with blogs, podcasts, FB Live presentations, sales tips, ideas, and strategies!

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