Getting the inside scoop on landing public health jobs, the resume, cover letter, and interviews, with public health recruiter Brooke Mootry


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In this episode, Sujani sits down with Brooke Mootry, a public health recruiter who has years of experience working directly in public health. They chat about The Public Health Network, a recruitment firm founded by Brooke that focuses on those in public health, and give tips for public health professionals seeking work.

You’ll Learn

  • Brooke’s career path and how she went from working in public health directly to being the one recruiting public health professionals
  • What The Public Health Network is and its goals
  • Brooke’s motivation for starting the Public Health Network
  • How recruitment companies work and the process for identifying potential candidates
  • Insider tips on what recruiters look for and how you can increase your chances of being recruited
  • What challenges and opportunities there are for public health professionals navigating the job market today
  • How LinkedIn is an important resource for both those looking for and recruiting work
  • Tips from Brooke for early career public health professionals putting forward a strong application
  • Red flags to avoid that recruiters see when reviewing or screening applications

Today’s Guest

Brooke Mootry is the CEO and Lead Recruiter of The Public Health Network (TPHN), a full-service firm specializing in the recruitment of public health professionals. Since 2019, TPHN has led national and international recruitment searches for community organizations and businesses seeking talented public health professionals.

Brooke Mootry, has nearly 20 years of public health practice in non-profit and government settings. Her background includes program design and management with specialized experience in HIV/AIDS, adolescent health and tobacco prevention. Ms. Mootry is CHES-certified and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health Education from Florida State University and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University. When she is not recruiting top talent, Brooke is an avid reader who enjoys spending time with family.


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